Watch what happens when a 61-year-old woman takes magic mushrooms for the first time

This hilarious video shows a woman taking magic mushrooms for the very first time – at the age of 61.

And it’s an amazingly funny and interesting take on what a mum of two grown children makes of the drugs .

Although she’s never taken psychedelics before, she decided to take a tiny gram dose of psilocybe cubensis, illegal in the UK, the US and many countries around the world.

Magic mushrooms or ‘shrooms’ have hallucinogenic effects when eaten, which was the plan for the video, shot by her son.

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Effects of taking magic mushrooms can include colours, sounds and objects appearing distorted, as well as the sense of time, which can seem faster or slower.

Symptoms felt: Effects of shrooms can include colours, sounds and objects appearing distorted

Users may also feel disoriented, tired or sick – and some can get stomach pains or diarrhoea.

In the video, the woman says: “I’ve always had a closed mind to this kind of thing.”

She explains what she hopes to find out, including why she’s a “people pleaser”.

The whole trip, which lasted about four hours, is edited down for this video, but we see her going through the stages of a high.

High on life: The mum of two is filmed as she goes through her trip

Of the experience, she said that it helped her “reconnect with her real self”.

Recently, there has been a new surge of research into the potential beneficial side effects of psilocybin, according to Psyched Substance.

These studies, being done by The John Hopkins School of Medicine, include, but are not limited to, help overcoming depression, addiction, and PTSD.