Types Of Vegetarian Diets (There Are 6 Types Of Vegetarian)

Most people would answer Vegetarian and Vegan. But in fact there are 6 dfferent Vegetarian Diets people follow.

Vegetarian have 6 sub-categories.

3- Ovo-lacto vegetarian
4- Ovo vegetarian
5- lacto vegetarian
6- Vegan.

Vegetarian is a GENERAL term used to describe a person whose diet does not include meat, poultry, fish or seafood.
Many switch to vegetarian life style because of religion belives, health or ethic reasons.

A vegetarian may choose to consume chicken and fish but restricts from consuming meat.
This category is called Semi-Vegetarian. Semi vegetarian diet may also include dairy products and eggs.

Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarian which happens to be the largest group under the vegetarian blanket, describes a person who
do not consume Meat, Poultry, Fish, or Seafood but his diet includes eggs, Milk and Butter.

OVO-VEGETARIAN is a term used to describe a person who would be a vegan but is not a vegan because eggs
are a part of his diet.

A lACTO VEGETARIAN would be a vegan but is not a vegan because Milk is included in Lacto-Vegetarian diet.

VEGAN is the strictest and toughest sub-category under the vegetarian blanket.
Vegans do not consume any animal flesh or products and by-products. The vegan diet strictly consist of vegetables, fruits grains and legumes
some vegans go as far as not even consuming Honey, yeast and product prepared with honey or yeast, like for example bread.

Word of caution:

Generally speaking vegetarian diet is a healthy diet if planned well. Therefore it is important to take some time to figure out
which cathegory of the vegetarian group is more comfortabl for you to start in and learn how to plan meals for that categorie to
get all the nutrients necessary for healthy life style.

It is always recomended to consult your doctor or certified dietishen before switchting diets.