Top 7 myths About Lupus That People Still Believe

Myth 1: Lupus is contagious.

No. Lupus is not contagious. Lupus is an autoimmune disease & is not caused by a virus/ bacteria or other infectious agent. Hence it is not transmitted from one person to other. However, it may be transmitted by mother to her unborn baby due to transfer of antibodies across the placenta & is called neonatal lupus.

Myth 2: Only women get Lupus.

No. Though 90% of patients with Lupus are women, it can affect a man. Female sex hormones are responsible for this women preponderance.

Myth 3: Lupus is easy to diagnose.

Lupus may not always be easy to diagnose. Lupus may present in many atypical ways.

Myth 4: Tiredness in a Lupus patient is due to depression.

Lupus fatigue is a known entity & is not caused due to depression.

Myth 5: Lupus is ‘all in the mind’

Not at all. Some of the manifestations of Lupus (like lupus fatigue, lupus fog) may not be visible. However, they are very much real & not ‘all in the mind’

Myth 6: One need not bother about exposure to sun rays if there is no photosensitivity.

No. A Lupus patient should always stay protected from sunlight. UV rays are a known trigger for lupus.

Myth 7: One need not take Lupus medications if there are no symptoms.

Lupus is a chronic illness & requires long-term medications. Stopping the medications abruptly may lead to a relapse/ flare of Lupus. Hence Lupus patients need to continue the medications even when there are no symptoms. All the decisions regarding the medications must be left to the Rheumatologist.