This is What 25 Weeks Pregnant With Quintuplets Looks Like

The next time you’re feeling (understandably) overwhelmed by the weight of carrying your baby, consider this: This Australian mother is pregnant with quintuplets. Yup. She’s currently carrying four girls and one boy, making a total of five babies. And they’re all being housed in one belly.

Kimberly Tucci is the star of agorgeous maternity photo shoot. Taken at 25 weeks, these photos spotlight the preggo woman in a formfitting maxi dress and a flower crown.

The maternity photos are spectacular—not just because they’re so well-composed or artistically shot, but because, as photographer Erin Elizabeth marvels, “it’s hard to believe there are six people in [these] photo[s.]”

Tucci is already a mother of two young girls. She and her husband decided to try for one more child—but they got a bit more than they bargained for when Tucci learned she was pregnant with quintuplets. You can read about her escapades on her blog, Surprised by Five.