Thirteenth Holistic Doctor (MD, PhD) Dies- Allegedly Jumped from 20th floor

I am so sorry to break the news (as gently as possible) on the death of yet another holistic doctor. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and patients who are sharing their wonderful memories of him with me tonight on my Facebook page.

For those who want info on the other holistic doctors who have suddenly died (NOT counting accidents)

Dr. J.E. Block MD, PhD, FACP (aka “Doc Block”), married father of eight children and listed in the top 10 best Holistic doctors for the city of Tulsa on, allegedly jumped from the 20th floor

The article (which describes him as a well known prominent doctor) says that he (allegedly) committed medical fraud.

Update: News on 6 has updated their original headline and article which made some pretty serious allegations. However, their tone and the article have changed (link below). Dr. Block’s attorney commented on this same article on News 6 and is disputing some of their claims saying if the allegations were true, Dr. Block would have lost his license. Some are calling it a smear campaign and he only died a few days ago.

We’ll keep you updated as new details emerge. There are comments pouring in on the local articles and on his Facebook page as well, about what a wonderful man and doctor he was. Nothing but praise.