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Top 10 Most Interesting Vitiligo Facts You Should know

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Vitiligo is an unusual condition that affects the dermis of people with all different types and hues of skin. While it only affects a small part of the population, many people are looking to learn more about this perplexing total loss of skin color in some areas. We’ve compiled an interesting list of ten vitiligo facts you might  not know about whether you think you might be at risk for developing the condition, are just looking to take precautionary measures or, to help you with early identification.

1. Cause Conundrum: Vitiligo causes are still unknown, although there are some things that are thought to be possibilities. Some researchers think that genetics play a role, while others contend that autoimmune disorders might be to blame. Neural causes, viral causes and even stress have all been considered as potential sources of the condition. So far, however, a single cause cannot be pinpointed regardless of how many vitiligo facts are uncovered.

2. Manifestation Mystery: It’s not white patches on skin, even though it may look like it. It’s not on your skin, it is your skin, and it’s just missing color. While many people think at first that vitiligo is a growth, lesion or mark that sits atop the outermost dermal layer, it’s actually the same continual skin that covers the rest of you, it’s just devoid of color.

3. Area Apparent: Some areas more apparent than others, and one of the more interesting vitiligo facts that you may not know is that it doesn’t appear everywhere and in the same way. It’s more likely to end up on your face or hands or wrists, however when it gets close to the mouth and eyes or around the belly button or genitals it can become even more noticeable.

4. Tremendous Treatment: People go to great lengths to treat their condition. More common remedies include light therapy, tanning, creams and lotions and ointments or even skin grafting. However, some people go to such great lengths that they actually decide to lighten the entire rest of their skin to match the areas without color. It’s a very permanent solution and is likely to end your days of enjoying sunshine rather quickly.

5. Get some Ginkgo: While still unproven, early, small studies have suggested that taking ginkgo may help slow or even stop the spread of the condition. While it’s hard to add a ginkgo supplement to vitiligo facts considering its still unproven, what isn’t unproven is that there are a whole slew of alternative remedies such as anti vitiligo oil that many people have tried and ginkgo is the only one so far that is gaining any attention from the medical community.

6. Star Surprise: Vitiligo facts don’t get any more interesting than tying a celebrity to them. In 1986, Michael Jackson indicated that he was diagnosed with the condition. Later, amidst rumors of skin bleaching, he reiterated his statement concerning his condition in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

7. Symptom Shocker: Skin discoloration is not the only noticeable symptom of this dermal dilemma. You may also notice changes in hair color, and not just on your head. Facial hair and even your eyebrows can start to lighten or grey. Even the tissues that line your mouth may be affected and may lighten in color.

8. Food Fix: While the jury is still out as to the effectiveness of a vitiligo diet, there are some studies that suggest that a balanced diet that eliminates some foods that might aggravate the condition can be useful. The avoidance of turmeric, for example, has been suggested, as have those that contain compounds that are thought to interfere with the production of melanin, such as tea, cashews and cherries.

9. One size does not fit all: There is not only one kind of vitiligo and your treatment may vary depending on the type and location of your condition. Interesting vitiligo facts show a particularly unusual type for instance that only affects mucous membranes.

10. Determining a diagnosis: You may think that vitiligo is an easy condition to diagnose, however that is not the case. While your doctor may be able to take one look at you and know that you have the condition, the answer may not be as clear cut as you think, and you may have to have diagnostic testing done to confirm your suspicions.

Are you know? Has Yale University finally found a cure for vitiligo?

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A common arthritis drug which is already prescribed on the NHS appears to stop the loss or pigmentation caused by vitiligo

The skin condition vitiligo could be cured with a common arthritis drug already being prescribed on the NHS, scientists at Yale believe.

The condition, which leads to the loss of pigmentation on the skin, affects around 650,000 people in Britain including presenter Richard Hammond, comedian Graham Norton and Kara Tointon, the actress.

But Yale University has shown that the drug tofacitinib, which is currently prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis, can clear up the problem.

A 53-year-old patient with prominent white spots covering her face, hands, and body was given the drug for five months and found the condition virtually disappeared. Only a few spots remained on her body, and all had gone from her face and hands.

“While it’s one case, we anticipated the successful treatment of this patient based on our current understanding of the disease and how the drug works,” said Dr Brett King, assistant professor of dermatology and principal investigator of the research at Yale University, US.

“It’s a first, and it could revolutionize treatment of an awful disease.

“This may be a huge step forward in the treatment of patients with this condition.”

Dr King is now hoping to begin a wider clinical trial into the effectiveness of using tofacitinib or a similar medicine, ruxolitinib, for the treatment of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a common, psychologically devastating condition that causes skin to lose its pigmentation and current treatments, such as steroid creams and light therapy, are only partially effective in reverse the problem.

Last year Dr King showed that tofacitinib could be used to treat alopecia which is caused when the body’s own immune system becomes confused and starts to attack hair follicles. However tofacitinib stops the chemical pathway that triggers that immune response allowing hair to grow back.

Because vitiligo is caused by a similar immune response, which destroys pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes, researchers speculated that the same treatment should work to restore colour.

“This case exemplifies the ways by which advances in basic science can guide treatment decisions and ultimately benefit patients,” added Dr King.

“As we better understand the mechanisms of different diseases, targeted therapy becomes possible, and existing medications can be repurposed and/or new medications created for diseases with limited, if any, treatment options.”

The most well-known sufferer of the condition was Michael Jackson, but actor Jon Hamm has also spoken about developing the skin condition due to the stress of filming Mad Men.

Professor David Gawkrodger, a spokesman for the British Skin Foundation Spokesperson, said the research was ‘promising’ but warned it was too soon for patients to be demanding Tofacitinib from their doctors.

“In vitiligo immune and cell growth factors are involved hence it is not surprising that the vitiligo in the patient described has improved.

“The janus kinase inhibitor group of drugs are still being evaluated and may have significant side-effects so, although this is a promising observation therapeutically, that may also tell us something about the causation of vitiligo, it is too soon for patient to demand these drugs from their dermatologists.

“The drugs may well be a pointer to how vitiligo will be managed in the future, but further evaluation by dermatologists, the pharmaceutical industry and regulators is needed.”

A Clever New Cure for Vitiligo? You Should Know

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Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition which causes the skin to lose its pigment and affects about 1% of people worldwide. Steroids or light therapy are the only treatment available, but they are oftenineffective. New treatments are potentially on the horizon though: Recent scientific understanding of the condition led a doctor at Yale University School of Medicine to come up with the idea of trying a drug normally used for rheumatoid arthritis. Dermatologist Brett King used the drug on Linda Lachance and within five months of treatment she had experienced significant repigmentation. The details of this case study have just been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Dermatology.

Causation v Association
How can you work out how good a study is? One thing to look for is the difference between causation and association. Research may show, for instance, that people with lower than average vitamin D levels are more likely to get bowel cancer, but that does not mean that boosting levels of the vitamin will protect against the disease. Family doctor Margaret McCartney and Carl Heneghan, professor of Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Oxford explain the differences between causation and association.

London Bombings
It is almost a decade since bombs were detonated on three tube trains and a bus in London, killing 52 and injuring more than 700. Unusually the authorities in London took the step of proactively contacting people caught up in the bombings who were at risk of developing mental health problems, even phoning them at home to see if they might benefit from treatment. Not everybody caught up in an event like this develops post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, but in this case they found a significant minority were experiencing symptoms.

For the newly qualified clinical psychologist, Rachel Handley, her very first job was to provide cognitive behavioural therapy. She spent the next two years talking to people about their experiences and helping them to find ways of coping. Ten years on she tells Claudia about what sort of difficulties people came to her with.

Arthritis drug could be used to treat vitiligo READ NOW

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“whilst it is one case, we expected the successful treatment of this affected person based totally on our cutting-edge understanding of the disease and how the drug works,” says principal investigator Dr. Brett King, an assistant professor of dermatology at Yale.

The drug in question, tofacitinib, is typically used to treat slight to extreme rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory sickness affecting the lining of the joints. It belongs to a own family of drugs called Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors that have been authorized to be used by the usa food and Drug administration (FDA).

Formerly, Dr. King located that tofacitinib could be used to treat hair loss as a result of alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system assaults the hair follicles.

Vitiligo is likewise considered to be an autoimmune ailment, with the immune system concentrated on skin cells referred to as melanocytes that produce the pores and skin’s pigmentation. People with vitiligo broaden patches on their pores and skin which can be without pigmentation and colour. In severe cases, the discoloration can cause good sized psychological misery.

There are several treatments to be had for treating vitiligo, which include steroid lotions and mild therapy, however none of those are reliably effective in reversing the signs and symptoms of the situation.

Researchers accept as true with discovery should revolutionize vitiligo treatment
The difficulty of the have a look at became a 53-year-antique patient with prominent white patches covering the skin of her face, hands and frame that have been increasing over the previous 12 months. She had received treatment in the form of ointments and light remedy, however those did not halt the condition’s development.

Due to tofacitinib’s fulfillment in treating alopecia areata, Dr. King and study co-creator Dr. Brittany Craiglow believed that it would also prove powerful at treating vitiligo. For their trial, the patient received an oral dose of the drug of five mg each other day, which extended to 5 mg an afternoon after three weeks.

The researchers located that after 2 months of treatment, the patient had experienced partial repigmentation on her palms, face and fingers. After 5 months, the white patches she were most concerned with on her face and palms had been almost all gone. Only some white spots remained on different elements of her frame.

The dosage administered at some point of the trial became half the accredited dosage for treating rheumatoid arthritis. Crucially, the affected person did now not enjoy any negative effects upon taking tofacitinib.

“it’s a first, and it could revolutionize treatment of an awful disease,” says Dr. King. “this will be a big breakthrough in the treatment of sufferers with this condition.”

because the study simplest concerned one affected person, Dr. King acknowledges that similarly research will be had to affirm that the drug is each secure and effective in treating vitiligo. He now hopes to conduct a scientific trial the usage of tofacitinib or ruxolitinib – any other JAK inhibitor that can be able to treat alopecia areata – to deal with the disease.

“Alopecia areata and vitiligo proportion genetic hazard factors and can co-occur inside households and character sufferers, suggesting a common pathogenesis,” write the authors. “As such, it is not surprising that a remedy that has been proven to be effective in treating alopecia areata can also be effective in treating vitiligo.”

Excellent news: Has Yale college finally discovered a remedy for vitiligo

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The skin situation vitiligo could be cured with a not unusual arthritis drug already being prescribed at the NHS, scientists at Yale trust.
The situation, which results in the lack of pigmentation at the skin, influences around 650,000 people in Britain which includes presenter Richard Hammond, comic Graham Norton and Kara Tointon, the actress.

However Yale university has proven that the drug tofacitinib, that is presently prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis, can solve the trouble.
A fifty three-12 months-antique patient with outstanding white spots protecting her face, palms, and body changed into given the drug for 5 months and found the condition definitely disappeared. Only a few spots remained on her frame, and all had gone from her face and fingers.
“even as it’s one case, we predicted the a success remedy of this affected person based on our modern expertise of the disease and how the drug works,” stated Dr Brett King, assistant professor of dermatology and major investigator of the studies at Yale college, US.
“it’s a first, and it may revolutionize treatment of an awful sickness.
“this will be a big step forward within the remedy of patients with this situation.”
Dr King is now hoping to start a much wider medical trial into the effectiveness of the use of tofacitinib or a comparable medication, ruxolitinib, for the remedy of vitiligo.
Vitiligo is a not unusual, psychologically devastating condition that causes skin to lose its pigmentation and cutting-edge remedies, which include steroid lotions and light remedy, are simplest partially effective in reverse the hassle.
Final yr Dr King showed that tofacitinib could be used to treat alopecia which is prompted whilst the frame’s own immune device turns into careworn and starts offevolved to assault hair follicles. However tofacitinib stops the chemical pathway that triggers that immune reaction allowing hair to grow again.
Due to the fact vitiligo is due to a comparable immune response, which destroys pigment-forming cells called melanocytes, researchers speculated that the identical remedy must paintings to repair shade.
“this example exemplifies the methods via which advances in simple science can manual remedy selections and in the long run advantage patients,” introduced Dr King.
“As we higher understand the mechanisms of different illnesses, targeted therapy will become viable, and present medicinal drugs can be repurposed and/or new medicines created for diseases with restricted, if any, remedy options.”
The most famous victim of the condition changed into Michael Jackson, however actor Jon Hamm has also spoken about developing the pores and skin circumstance because of the stress of filming Mad men.
Professor David Gawkrodger, a spokesman for the British pores and skin basis Spokesperson, stated the research turned into ‘promising’ but warned it was too quickly for patients to be traumatic Tofacitinib from their doctors.
“In vitiligo immune and cell increase factors are concerned therefore it is not surprising that the vitiligo inside the patient defined has advanced.
“The janus kinase inhibitor group of drugs are nevertheless being evaluated and can have tremendous facet-outcomes so, although that is a promising observation therapeutically, that could also inform us some thing about the causation of vitiligo, it is too soon for affected person to call for those drugs from their dermatologists.
“the medicine could be a pointer to how vitiligo might be controlled in the future, but further evaluation with the aid of dermatologists, the pharmaceutical industry and regulators is wanted.”
The studies became published within the journal JAMA Dermatology.

A way to forestall vitiligo spreading you have to know

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A way to stop Vitiligo spreading ? Can Vitiligo be stopped from Spreading?

Vitiligo is a silent disease which may be observed simplest after its look. Predictions approximately vitiligo can’t be executed usually. The onset of vitiligo itself is very lots compromising in a vitiligo affected person’s existence.

Spreading Vitiligo is tons devastating in a white patch victim’s existence because it leads to excessive intellectual fear and a level of depression.
There are several styles of spreading of Vitiligo.

Generalised- White spots appear on numerous body elements which amplify with time. This sample is the most common sample observed throughout international. Occasionally the spot length stays small however on occasion they get in reality massive protecting the limbs.

Clouding – in this type of sample cloud like patches seem in massive length regularly diminishing the everyday pores and skin color which has the tendency to merge into each different.

Sporadic – Pin dots appear in this form of pattern which merges to form a huge vitiligo patch. It usually seems in hands and lower back of body.

Purpose of Vitiligo Spreading

Spreading of Vitiligo typically triggers due to the purpose in the back of it. The maximum not unusual acknowledged purpose is Autoimmunity which happens because of various factors including meals behavior, environmental adjustments, disturbed mental status and hygiene.

Diverse meals gadgets containing nutrition C can result in fast spreading of vitiligo. Severa cases of vitiligo were stated to us with the cause of big amount intake of nutrition C as an example as Amla juice and so forth. In addition in small children goodies can spread a static vitiligo vigorously.

Fermented food items consumption like curd, yoghurt, some south Indian food gadgets as Dosa, Idli ordinary intake can result in quicker spread of vitiligo in current vitiligo sufferers.
Ayurveda emphasise at the principle of “Virudh ahar sevana” as some meals objects consumption at a time can spread a vitiligo spot. Example of intake of non-veg items with milk or milk products are quite liable for Vitiligo onset and spreading in lots of instances.

Deficiency of nutrition D3 has huge unfavourable outcomes on vitiligo spreading visible in maximum of the patients
more suitable Thyroid count number (TSH) triggers spreading of Vitiligo.
Vitamin B12 deficiency additionally has damaging effect in vitiligo. It aggravates spreading of a white patch.
Life-style acts like swimming in a pool which has chlorinated water can spread vitiligo. It’s a fact and seen in a lot of our sufferers. Likewise go to to a water park which runs chlorinated water can irritate a white spot.
Other than these a few remedies like Homeopathy can on occasion cause vitiligo spread as it’s the tendency of Homeopathic drugs to first beautify the hassle. Taking threat with such remedies can unfold vitiligo like anything.
Treatments with corticosteroids have suppressive results first after which after stoppage of treatment vitiligo can get aggressive spreading as visible in maximum of the instances.
How to stop Vitiligo spreading relies upon on desire of treatment and food conduct of the victim. Vitiligo spread may be controlled through following weight loss program restrictions in Vitiligo.

Ayurvedic remedy for Vitiligo is safest and maximum result orientated treatment to be had. With Ayurvedic treatment lots of herbs definitely given which improves immunity machine of the affected person which without delay have manage over vitiligo spreading. With all drug treatments weight loss plan regulations advised by way of Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist will help loads in faster manage of vitiligo spreading. With Ayurvedic medicines together with immunity manage, pigmentation is likewise restored over the vitiligo patches with none facet or destructive results.

Session regarding Vitiligo problem can be accomplished through this web page.

BEST NEWS: Treatment For grey Hair And Vitiligo observed

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The need to use hair dyes to cover up a traditional signal of getting old – gray hair – may additionally quickly be a thing of the beyond.
Scientists from the Institute for Pigmentary disorders in association with E.M. Arndt college of Greifswald, Germany and the Centre for pores and skin Sciences, faculty of lifestyles Sciences on the university of Bradford, united kingdom, defined that human beings’s hair is going grey because of big oxidative strain caused by a build up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles. This causes hair to bleach itself from the inner out.

The researchers located that this massive building up of hydrogen peroxide may be reversed with a UVB-activated compound referred to as pc-KUS, a modified pseudocatalase. The studies team advanced this new proprietary remedy.

The authors introduced that laptop-KUS treatment is likewise effective for sufferers with vitiligo. Vitiligo is a protracted-term pores and skin trouble that produces white depigmentation patches that expand and grow in sure sections of skin.
Schallreuter and team analyzed 2,411 sufferers from numerous international locations with vitiligo. Fifty-seven (2.Four%) of them were recognized with SSV (strictly segmental vitiligo) and 76 (3.2%) have been identified with mixed vitiligo, that is SSV plus NSV (non-segmental vitiligo).

They determined that people with SSV with a specific nerval distribution regarding eyelashes and pores and skin showed the equal oxidative stress determined within the a whole lot more not unusual trendy NSV. Fashionable NSV is associated with decreased antioxidant capacities, inclusive of thioredoxin reductase, catalase, and the repair mechanisms methionine sulfoxide reductases.

They discovered that computer-KUS remedy brought about a hit affected person outcomes – sufferers’ pigmentation in their skin and eyelashes changed into restored – i.E. They recovered their unique skin and hair colour.

This file is a comply with-up on a 2009 examine that defined why our hair turns grey. Scientists from the colleges of Bradford, England, and Mainz and Luebeck, Germany, defined within the FASEB journal (March 2009 problem) that graying hair has surely nothing to do with know-how. They wrote that “Going gray is as a result of a huge increase of hydrogen peroxide due to put on and tear of our hair follicles.”

Hydrogen peroxide eventually blocks the ordinary manufacturing of melanin, the natural pigment answerable for hair shade, as well as pores and skin and eye shade.

Runway version maintains to assignment the Mainstream Definition of splendor read more

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Chantelle Winnie is a style celebrity. In latest years, she’s turn out to be the brand new face of the apparel store, Desigual, and competed on Tyra financial institution’s truth display “the us’s subsequent pinnacle version.” closing Thursday, February 12, she turned into part of the Desigual runway lineup on the opening day of 2015 ny fashion Week, CTV information reported.

Except killer self belief, Winnie has some thing that makes her modeling presence unforgettable — she has vitiligo, a unprecedented situation that reasons the lack of pores and skin pigmentation in sections all over her body. The Toronto native changed into identified at age 4, in line with her internet site. Her big modeling destroy got here when she was invited to walk in the fashion artwork Toronto indicates in 2013. She caught Tyra Banks’ attention rapidly thereafter, who identified Winnie’s capacity and invited her to compete inside the twenty first season of “the usa’s next top version.” Winnie turned into the second one contestant removed, however her presence on the mainstream modeling platform stuck the eye of runway administrators, designers and photographers.

Winnie has numerous alternatives to treat her vitiligo signs and symptoms, together with skin dye, UVA remedies or surgery, but she chooses to revel in her skin precisely as is, in line with The father or mother. Nevertheless, she resists being deemed a spokesmodel for vitiligo.

“If sooner or later I’m all black, I’m nevertheless a version. If sooner or later I’m all white, I’m nevertheless a model,” she told The mum or dad. “i am now not my skin. I’m a model with a skin condition.”

Living with vitiligo: so what possible if our skin looks a little different?

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The circumstance influences one in 100 humans global. It is caused by the loss of skin pigment known as melanin, which leads to the arrival of white patches on the pores and skin.

She informed London live how humans “frequently look at my hands and my face after which wonder why my arms are white and my face is mixed race.”

“As a good deal as I hate saying that i am distinctive, i’m a touch bit exceptional,” she stated. “It impacts me on a day-to-day foundation. It’s something I see within the replicate normal.”

“developing up, there was the bizarre occasion whilst children might be a bit spiteful and phone me names like zebra, cow or penguin – anything that looks black and white,” she delivered.

In line with the Vitiligo Society, the reason can be genetic however strain, sunburn or a reduce can also cause the condition.

stick insect Chantelle Brown-younger
Natalie says there is little or no attention approximately vitiligo however the likes of twiglet Chantelle Brown-younger, who become recently chosen as a contestant for tv show, the united states’s next pinnacle version, has helped to focus on the circumstance.

“It’s most effective in current years that human beings like her can do such things as this,” she said. “What she’s doing is amazing for human beings like me who be afflicted by vitiligo. I’m quite shy about my vitiligo.

“I need humans to recognise that even though we’ve got vitiligo and we’re a bit specific, we will still be beautiful and it’s no longer all about what’s on the outside.

“there is nonetheless an extended manner to go before people can see beyond vitiligo but with human beings like Chantelle, it could be greater recognised. I hope human beings might be able to see beyond the white patches that she has and notice her for who she is.

“She’s a person that inspires me and makes me think that i am only a regular character even though I do appearance a bit extraordinary to everyone else.”

inside the past, Natalie used bleaching creams on her skin in an try to even out her white patches. Occasionally they burned her skin. She’s stopped now, but pores and skin bleaching is a lucrative marketplace and could be very common inside the black and Asian communities. It’s the process of whitening the pores and skin, the usage of body creams and soaps, maximum of which incorporate dangerous and banned chemical substances such as mercury and hydroquinone.