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Chantelle Winnie is a style celebrity. In latest years, she’s turn out to be the brand new face of the apparel store, Desigual, and competed on Tyra financial institution’s truth display “the us’s subsequent pinnacle version.” closing Thursday, February 12, she turned into part of the Desigual runway lineup on the opening day of 2015 ny fashion Week, CTV information reported.

Except killer self belief, Winnie has some thing that makes her modeling presence unforgettable — she has vitiligo, a unprecedented situation that reasons the lack of pores and skin pigmentation in sections all over her body. The Toronto native changed into identified at age 4, in line with her internet site. Her big modeling destroy got here when she was invited to walk in the fashion artwork Toronto indicates in 2013. She caught Tyra Banks’ attention rapidly thereafter, who identified Winnie’s capacity and invited her to compete inside the twenty first season of “the usa’s next top version.” Winnie turned into the second one contestant removed, however her presence on the mainstream modeling platform stuck the eye of runway administrators, designers and photographers.

Winnie has numerous alternatives to treat her vitiligo signs and symptoms, together with skin dye, UVA remedies or surgery, but she chooses to revel in her skin precisely as is, in line with The father or mother. Nevertheless, she resists being deemed a spokesmodel for vitiligo.

“If sooner or later I’m all black, I’m nevertheless a version. If sooner or later I’m all white, I’m nevertheless a model,” she told The mum or dad. “i am now not my skin. I’m a model with a skin condition.”