Police release video of man overdosing on heroin on a bus to raise awareness of drug abuse

A man who overdosed on heroin while riding a busy public bus was rescued at a critical moment by officials in Pennsylvania.

Dramatic surveillance footage of the incident has been released by Upper Darby Police in an attempt to raise awareness of drug abuse.

The video shows Michael Meeney, 25, injecting heroin into his right arm and appearing dazed on his journey before he suddenly loses consciousness and collapses onto the bus aisle.

The footage then cuts to an empty bus with officers administering Narcan spray to Meeney.

Narcan is a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose and is being used increasingly across the United States.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said: “It’s a great thing that that Narcan saves lives but it doesn’t do anything for the addiction.”

“Normally you see overdoses in a bathroom or vacant building, but this was at 1pm on a public bus.”

“My hope is that he gets the help for the addiction. He’s one of thousands of people out there in our community that are addicted to heroin. It is the biggest problem we deal with.”

After being treated in hospital, Meeney was arrested for possession of heroin.