Mandatory vaccinations are coming … So how do you fake your child’s record?

I think we can all agree that mandatory vaccinations are coming soon. Of course, you should homeschool and keep your kids away from forced vaccinations and state indoctrination for as long as possible, but eventually, a little piece of innocuous legislation will require the same “medical requirements” for homeschools as public schools. We may have only 1-2 years, if that.

Being a fairly law abiding person, I’m a little clueless here, how do you go about faking these vaccination records? I am certainly not going to allow the big pharma/government cartels to poison my children – and I would prefer not having my children kidnapped, being locked up in prison, or being gunned down. So what is the alternative?

Do you just show up with a $100 bill and politely ask the nurse to miss your kids arm? I imagine that will work maybe 30% of the time. Would you also then face possible felony bribing charges?

Do you find a physician that will be willing to falsify your records and face potential sanctions? I’m guessing that’s a very hard find. How would you share that doctor’s name with others? I’m guessing Facebook wouldn’t be a very good idea.

Do you forge a signature on paperwork found on the internet of a physician who just passed away? That may work, but everything is becoming more digital and linked with the federal government (see my thread and it will be easy to prove you engaged in forgery.