How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids

An illustrated cookbook for the whole family! The recipes are raw, vegan, free from refined sugars and designed to be eaten alongside a whole foods diet!

About the authors and this project!

We’re sisters-in-law Ellie and Sabrina Bedford, and we’ve teamed up to create a fully illustrated children’s raw vegan cookbook! Ellie is a home educating mum of two little girls, a whole-food consultant and food blogger in Oxfordshire, England. Sabrina is a recent college grad, aspiring illustrator and visual artist working in California.

This project came about for a couple of reasons. Ellie really wanted to buy a healthy children’s cookbook for her children, as they love being in the kitchen as much as she. After searching high and low, all she could find for children were cookbooks full of sugary cakes and cookies! She was disappointed and decided it was time for somebody to fill that gap in the market, to create a plant-based book that included fresh fruits and veggies and that was free of refined sugars, but was still interesting to kids.

After pitching the idea to Sabrina, Ellie’s little sis-in-law got to work immediately. Her watercolor illustrations emphasize depth, detail, and diversity. With Sabrina’s artistic vision and skill we believe we have a book that children would want to own. Children love looking at the fanciful pages and families love the healthy results. Finally we have a book to rival all those princess cupcake books out there!

Where does my money go?

To complete the project, we have a goal of $8,000. Your support will go directly to completing, printing, and distributing this book. For your support, you’ll receive a gift from us ranging from a postcard to being on or in the book itself. You’ll also receive our gratitude and personal thanks for making this project a reality. Without your support, big or small, this cookbook won’t make it to the kitchens!

Why should I support?

This recipe book was created to be easily incorporated into anyone’s diet. It’s a book of recipes full of fresh fruits and veggies that avoid refined flours and sugars, gluten, and animal products. We are out to prove that healthy foods can also be delicious and beautiful!

We know how hard it can be to include fresh foods in children’s diets and hope that by presenting them in a fun and vibrant way, we can make it easy. For this reason, the recipes in How to Eat a Rainbow are taken from the most difficult dietary areas: treats, snacks, and drinks. We’ve targeted these areas to help kids avoid the sugary, highly processed foods and to get more nutritional value with every tasty bite.  Eaten alongside a balanced whole foods diet, these recipes can add an extra boost of energy and get kids excited about healthy eating.

What else can I do?

Any donations are valued and are critical to the success of this book, but we don’t just need money! Sharing, posting, and talking about this campaign with your family, friends, and anyone you know will help this project reach its goal and get more folks enjoying healthy, raw, and vegan foods.

When will I get a book?

Books will be delivered about three months after the campaign!