How a teenage with a brain injury so severe makes miracle recovery from brain injury ?

A teenage girl with a brain injury so severe that doctors asked her parents if they would consider switching off her life support machine has made a surprise recovery.

fter an horrific accident when a car ploughed in to her out walking Paige Holmes was left in a coma with a diffuse axonal brain injury.

Up to 90 percent of patients with the same injury as Paige never recover, but the 13-year-old is now well enough to return home for the New Year.

Her mother Shirley, 36, said her decision to keep the life support machine on was the best choice she ever made and that she can’t wait to have Paige home for 2010.

She said: “We’ve got some sparklers and some fireworks and her dad has even got a chocolate fountain for Paige, because she loves them.

“It will be amazing having her home for the New Year surrounded by her family and friends, we are all just so pleased to have her home.”

Three weeks after being hit by the car while out walking with two friends on August 16, 2009, Paige opened her eyes for the first time.

She was still covered in medical tubes and did not show any emotion, even when her mother and father were in the room with her.

For days, Paige’s parents had no idea whether she even recognised them, as she did not speak or even respond to questions.

Paige was initially sent to Chesterfield Hospital, then transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s intensive care unit.

The teenager has now been moved to the new neuroscience ward.

But has been improving with astonishing speed and from initially finding she could point, she has now learnt to talk again.

She still has splints on her legs and her family are hopeful that one day she will learn to walk again.

Mrs Holmes said: “She’s doing so well, she’s talking loads – sometimes you can’t shut her up. We’re all so incredibly relieved.

“The ward was simply fantastic and the doctors and nurses have been wonderful to Paige and our family.