Hollywood star with HIV ‘played Russian roulette’ with A-list cast of models and celebs

After discovering he had the virus after decades of debauchery, the unnamed star is said to have kept his condition secret to protect his career

A famous hollywood star who is alleged to have HIV has slept with many women
Fame: The actor dated big stars in Hollywood

The Hollywood star diagnosed HIV-positive has been accused of playing Russian Roulette with his lovers’ lives and putting his career ahead of their health.

Decades of debauchery, inclu­­­ding countless lovers and drugs and booze benders, caught up with him when he found he had the virus at least two years ago.

It isn’t known how he contracted it but he has injected drugs, slept with prostitutes and also has tattoos, all of which increase the risk.

But instead of being concerned for the health of his partners, the actor – allegedly with the help of his legal team – went into overdrive to protect his career.

Insiders say he feared that if his condition was revealed he would never work again, as studios would be unable to insure him or the sets he was employed on.

His anxiety was compounded when he had a bloody accident which needed medical attention and put his work on hold.

A famous hollywood star who is alleged to have HIV has slept with many women
Party lifestyle: The star has slept with a string of women

Friends of the notorious play­­boy, who believes he is “indestructible”, pleaded with him to tell his ex-partners.

They include an A-list actress, models, a TV star, an award-winning actress and other celebrities as well as prostitutes.

As speculation grows over his identity, many women are reportedly going for HIVchecks.

One source, speaking to US website Radar Online, said the megastar has spent a fortune paying for the silence of partners and others who know his secret. They added that some women he slept with believed he had “played Russian roulette” with their lives.

The source continued: “He has been tortured by the thought his acting genius will be forgotten.

“He was teary-eyed as he told friends he had HIV but felt a public admission would destroy him and his fans.”

A famous hollywood star who is alleged to have HIV has slept with many women
Worry: Many women are said to be having HIV checks

Another source said: “His worst fear is that he will be remem­­bered not as a great actor but as someone who contracted the disease.” It has been claimed the star paid a former lover £13,000 a month to keep photos that reveal his condition a secret.

The ex-girlfriend photographed medicine she found in his bathroom.

She was not infected but threatened to publicise the images.

Since being diagnosed, the actor’s life has lur­­ched from one end of the spectrum to the other.

For weeks he locked himself away, before returning to partying.

Some sources claim he is still promiscuous.

The star could be prosecuted if it is proved he knew he had the virus when he had unprotected sex with an unsuspecting partner.

California law stipulates a jail term of up to eight years.

The actor’s legal team is said to be drawing up plans for any possible action by ex-lovers.

GettyMerck & Co.'s Isentress AIDS medication
Medication: The star is taking Isentress for his HIV

Since contracting the disease the star has received some of America’s best medical care and has access to high-powered drugs such as Isentress and Truvada.

Both antiviral medicines prevent HIV cells from multiplying but are not cures.

Many friends have rallied round the actor, some imploring him to speak publicly about his condition.

They point to how his profile as a heterosexual star would help to educate others about HIV and shatter many myths over how it is spread.

Around 100,000 people are living with HIV in the UK, with roughly two thirds of people living with it being men and a third women, according to the National Aids Trust.