Heroin Next Drug to be Legalized in Colorado

After the success of marijuana legalization in Colorado, state legislators have decided to try passing a law legalizing the recreational use of heroin. The proposed amendment does come withrestrictionssimilar to the one permitting marijuana. In order to purchase heroin for recreationaluse, a person must be 21 years of age or older and the heroin must be sold in limited amounts.

“Many are unjustly imprisoned due to their heroin usage,” said a Colorado legislator who asked his identity remain undisclosed. “In the wake of legalizing marijuana, we want to continue to take progressive action in making sure that people can enjoy themselves without the threat of prosecution. Studies show that heroin, when used in moderation, is not that addictive. In fact, alcohol is a much more unhealthy and addictive drug.”

Those who support the bill have come out in full force, many of them occupants of local homeless shelters. Bernard Jackson, a Colorado citizen and a homeless war veteran who has used heroin recreationally for a number years, had this to say about ‘smack‘, the slang term for heroin, “The reason that I’m in this (expletive) position that I’m in is because The (expletive) Man has been keeping me down. They want to lock me up because I like smack! I ain’t never killed nobody, I ain’t never stole from nobody, and the times that I did, I wouldn’t have done it if I could walk into the (expletive) Walgreens down the street and get me some (expletive) smack! I‘m all for making smack legal. All for it.”

Unfortunately reporters failed to have an extended conversation with Mr. Johnson because he abruptly ended the interview and darted out of the shelter into the back alley. However it’s clear that his opinion is not rare among citizens of the state. Legislators have been working tirelessly to find a way to legalize heroin without endangering the public.

Heroin Next Drug to be Legalized in Colorado

“Heroin has health benefits,” said the aforementioned Colorado lawmaker. “Users have reported peace of mind, freedom from anxiety and stress, and a host of other positive effects.” He added, “I’ve been three years sober. I hate being sober. This marijuana legalization gives myself and others like me hope that one day we can indulge in shooting up heroin with impunity.”