Heroin-Addicted Identical Twins Reveal Shocking Ways They Say They Get Money For Drugs

Identical 21-year-old twin sisters Talia and Alissa are battling an addiction to heroin – and they say there is almost nothing they won’t do in order to get high, including stealing from their family and robbing the elderly.

“When I was 18 years old, I got a job as a home health aide at a nursing home because I wanted to rob the elderly, which sounds crazy, but the elderly always have money,” Talia says. “I robbed a bag of pennies from a blind man, and he was in his bed when I was in there,” adding that she got caught but only served one month in jail and 18 months of probation because “my dad got me a really good lawyer.”

In the video above, Talia and Alissa run down the extreme measures they’ve taken to get money for drugs, which according to them, for Alissa, includes involvement in the robbery of a liquor store.

“I was with someone, and we had an idea. I said, ‘Let’s rob a liquor store. I know the perfect one. You’re gonna do it. Get the gun.’ We got the rifle, he put a mask on, he went in the liquor store and he robbed the liquor store blind. He ran out, threw all the cash at me and we started driving. We were counting the money on the way to the dealer. Didn’t even think about what just happened.

“I feel invincible until I get caught,” says Alissa – who adds that her alleged accomplice has been “sitting in jail for three months while I’m getting high” – on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. “We just keep getting away with it.”

From their own family’s home, the twins admit they’ve stolen piggy banks, computers, iPads and TVs — even the necklace off of their grandmother’s urn.

But stealing isn’t the only thing the girls say they will do to get money for drugs. Talia and Alissa say they’ve also had sex for money — and exploit the fact that they are twins to make even more money.

“Being identical twins, it’s double the money, double the drugs, double the men. It’s double everything,” Alissa says.

Talia adds, “I hate it. I feel disgusting every time. But for me, the high in the end is worth it.”

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Talia and Alissa, along with their parents and their three younger sisters, ask for help. Check here to see where you can watch.