Eczema for the first time since moving across the country. Horrible flare up on eyes and spreading!

It started with some scaly skin on my under eye. The next day, it got red and really itchy. Then it started to swell. Then it swelled even worse, spread to my upper eyelids and cheek bones and now I look like a lizard if I try to cover it up with makeup.

A nurse practitioner gave me 11 days of prednisone tablets (can’t use topical steroids near your eyes) and some oral antihistamines. I couldn’t afford the antihistamine ointment she prescribed me.

I look like someone punched me. I can’t stand going into work with swollen eyelids and scaly skin. Please please please tell me how to make this go away as fast as possible.

I’ve been using CeraVe lotion in the tub and mineral oil to try to keep everything hydrated, but it’s soooo itchy!!! and flaky, and red.