Clomid is a medication containing clomiphene citrate

Clomid ‘Clomiphene’
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The main action of Clomid is to suppress levels of the female sex hormone estrogen caused by the aromatization of androgens

It is considered as an auxiliary drug in the period of steroid courses, including strong androgenic properties. Clomid has several functions. Besides, Clomid is able to stimulate and restore the production of testosterone in men during and after the course. Most bodybuilders suffer from aromatization due to excessive testosterone levels caused by the use of potent anabolic drugs. However, in the case of low testosterone levels, the risk of gynecomastia increases. Using Clomid in your course, you will protect yourself from the negative side effects of steroids.

Clomiphene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, which belongs to one of the most effective medications for inducing ovulation. This synthetic hormone is available in white to pale yellow tablets. It is also used to treat anovulation (with symptoms of trauma or ovarian disease) and in sports (as a protector and drug against male hypogonadism). Way of use and dosage Dosage: 50-100 mg (1-2 pills) per day after eating. The course lasts 10-14 days. The recommended initial dose is 100 mg per day, divided into two intakes (50 mg after breakfast and 50 mg after dinner):

• On the fifth day of treatment, the dosage should be decreased to 1 pill per day.

• It isn’t recommended to take the drug for more than 10-14 days.

• It’s good to combine this drug with testosterone boosters (for example, Tribulus).

• In case of a cut, it is useful to take fat burners (for instance, Clenbuterol).

• You want to grow muscle mass and improve your sexual function.


Anti-estrogen is essential for any athlete after taking a steroid course

Clomid is just what the bodybuilder needs. After taking the course of androgen-anabolic steroids, he has to go through the recovery phase, because his hormonal background suffers significantly. The production of testosterone by the body stops while you take steroids because they contribute to this. After ending the course, the body needs to start producing this hormone on its own. However, it takes a lot of time and weakens the athlete. To avoid this, you should buy Clomid, which will help the body return to normal. For prevention, clomiphene citrate can be used in the dose of 1/2 of a pill (25 mg) throughout the course, if the latter consists of three or more drugs.


Effect of treatment In men taking clomiphene citrate, the relationship between hypothalamus, pituitary, and testicles improves

It stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more gonadotropin, which in turn accelerates the release of luteinizing hormone, thus increasing testosterone production. The effect is obvious, especially at the end of the course, when the testosterone level is below normal. In most cases, Clomid normalizes testosterone production, as well as spermatogenesis within 10-14 days.

A very important detail is that Clomiphene Stimulates the secretion of glycoprotein, thereby stimulating the testicles. This effect is especially important for the bodybuilder at the end of the course because testosterone production is below average. If you don’t take synthetic testosterone at this time, the level will fall way below average, and the athlete will quickly lose muscle mass and strength. When you stop taking steroids, testosterone in the body decreases, and estrogen remains equal and keeps acting at the same level. High estrogen level, in combination with a low testosterone level leads to the risk of gynecomastia. Clomiphene reduces the effect of estrogen, thereby increasing the level of testosterone.