Becoming a Psychologist in New York

The psychology industry in New York is not growing quite as quickly as most other states; however there are a lot of opportunities for a future psychologist. The New York Department of Labor estimates that psychologist jobs are expected to grow 4.6% through the year 2018. This creates openings in healthcare settings, research facilities, teaching facilities and more. Of course there is always the option of private practice for a psychologist as well.

A psychologist has the knowledge and experience to assess and diagnose mental illnesses that could be wreaking havoc on a person’s life. The psychologist can then help that individual create goals to overcome that illness, prescribe a treatment plan, and guide their client on the journey to illness management or recovery. This is a very serious responsibility to take on, so the state of New York wants to be sure licensed individuals are highly qualified to care for their patients, hence the strict requirements in place for future psychologists.

Education Requirements for Psychologist Licensing in New York

Those on the path to becoming a psychologist in the state of New York will need to obtain a doctoral degree in psychology from a program registered as “licensure qualifying” by the Department. The state also wants their psychologists to be able to identify child abuse and know the procedures for reporting it, so they’re required to complete training or coursework to satisfy the Child Abuse Identification Reporting requirement in the laws and statutes of New York. Research the various psychology degrees in New York.

The exception to the doctoral degree requirement is only for those who plan to become school psychologists. These individuals must only earn a Master’s Degree in school psychology and then complete 2 years of supervised experiencing before going after their license.