Attention: Worst Things to Say to a Person With Bipolar Disorder

Helping someone with Bipolar – For circle of relatives and buddies
some humans trivialize melancholy (often by accident) by using losing a platitude on a depressed person as if that is the one thing they needed to listen. While some of these thoughts have been helpful to a few humans (as an example, a few humans discover that praying could be very helpful), the context in which they’re frequently stated mitigates any supposed gain to the hearer. Platitudes do not treatment despair.

“what’s your trouble?”
Will you forestall that constant whining?”
What makes you observed that everybody cares?”
“have you gotten worn-out yet of all this me-me-me stuff?”
“You simply need to present your self a kick within the rear”
“but it is all on your mind”
“I idea you have been stronger than that”
“no one ever stated existence become truthful”
“Pull your self up by means of your bootstraps”
“Why don’t you simply grow up?”
“forestall feeling sorry for yourself”
“There are quite a few humans worse off than you”
“you have got it so desirable – why are not you happy?”
“What do you need to be depressed approximately?”
“you suspect you have got issues…”
“nicely as a minimum it’s no longer that awful”
“lighten up”
“You ought to get off all those capsules”
“you’re what you think”
“Cheer up”
“you are continually feeling sorry for yourself”
“Why can’t you just be regular?”
“You need to get out extra”
“Get a grip”
“most oldsters are approximately as happy as they make up their minds to be”
“Get a task”
“You don’t ‘appearance’ depressed”
“you’re just looking for interest”
“every person has a bad day now and then”
“Why do not you smile more?”
“someone your age must be having the time of their life”
“The only one you are hurting is your self”
“you could do some thing you want if you just set your mind to it”
“despair is a symptom of your sin against God”
“You brought this on yourself”
“Get off your rear and do some thing”
“Snap out of it”
“you are always concerned approximately your issues”
“simply don’t reflect onconsideration on it”
“go out and have a few fun”
“simply strive a touch tougher”
“i know how you feel – i used to be depressed once for numerous days”
“you’d experience higher if you went to church”
“Shit or get off the pot”
“What you want is a few actual tragedy to your life to offer you perspective”
“This too shall pass”
“go out and get some sparkling air”
“all of us have our cross to endure”
“You do not like feeling that way? So alternate it”
“you are a actual downer to be round”
“you’re embarrassing me”
“you’d feel better if you lost some weight”
“you are too tough on your self. Stop being the sort of perfectionist”
“do not take it out on each person else round you”
“you’re going to lose lots of pals in case you don’t snap out of this”
“you’re dragging me down with you”
“you are simply being immature”
“you’re your personal worst enemy”
“this is life – get used to it”
“My lifestyles is not a laugh either”
“You do not care about the rest of us – you are so self-absorbed”