11 day cure for some breast cancers discovered

The “surprise” findings were shared at the European Breast Cancer Conference. This cure would lead a new era of breast cancer treatment where some women would not have to go pain staking chemotherapy at all.


The drug that targets a specific weakness found in every one in ten breast cancers was tested on 257 women. The test was conducted to study the effect of the drug on cancer however in a surprise result it completely removed the cancer in some cases.

The drug known as Herceptin targets a a protein that fuels the growth of breast cancer in some cases. Herceptin penetrates inside the cell to kill the protein HER2.

11% cancers were completely removed and another 17% were reduced from 1-3 cm to less tham 5 mm. Study was conducted at NHS hospitals in Manchester.

Although there is a risk of HER2 cancer to return the drug, after further testing, may eliminate the need of chemotherapy for some women.